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Mindi Battin

Director of Residential

My Background

Mindi is a winning Property Management professional with almost 20 years of industry experience.She is committed to making educated decisions that protect client’s investments, along with her professional demeanor, determination, and ability to thrive in a diverse, fast paced environment ensure that her qualifications are an excellent match for any project or client. She works diligently to provide excellence in all her professional endeavors and has earned a reputation for integrity, initiative, and her results driven work ethic. She is a Certified Occupancy Specialist, with a high pass score of 95%. She has also completed the Tax Credit Compliance Advanced andFundamentals workshops along with attending USDA seminars and trainings.Her past positions have included her supervising 30 managers and assistant managers and over1700 units, at 30 vastly different communities. In her 18 plus years she has worked in this industry she has been awarded best curbside appeal, best resident retention program, highest occupancy, and employee of the year. Her strengths include excellent organizational and communication skills with the ability to solve problems independently and collaboratively.